• LED which looks like a small bulb is a special kind of electronic component called diode. Full form of LED is light emitting diode.
  • Diode is a semi conductor device which allows the current to pass through it in one direction only.
  • If the diode is connected properly, that is, its positive terminal is connected to the positive supply, it allows the current to pass through it.
  • LEDs are particular type of diode which convert electrical energy into light.

They glow up when current passes through it.

  • LED is made up of gallium arsenide which converts electrical energy into light.
  • LED requires very less power to light up as compared to electric bulb.
  • LEDs being energy efficient have started being used widely in our day to day lives.
  • They don’t heat up when current passes through them like normal electric bulbs.
  • LED have two terminals. One terminal is slightly longer than the other.
  • Longer leg is the positive terminal called ‘anode’ and the shorter leg is the negative terminal called ‘cathode’.
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