We have learnt about the basic circuit in the previous blog. Now, we will apply that knowledge to understand the phenomenon of conductors and insulators.

The following activity will illustrate that current passes through conductors and not through insulators:-

  1. Collect few insulators and conductors from day to day life.


2. Take 1 bulb (3 volt), 2 pencil cells and cell holders.

3. Insert the cells in the cell holder.

4. Make the connections as shown in the figure below.


                                    A Simple Circuit

5. Connect the wires with the clips to an insulator. The electrons flowing from the cell will not pass through the insulator. The path for the electrons will be incomplete. Hence, the bulb will not glow.


6. Now, connect the clips to the conductor. A conductor will allow the current to pass through it, hence the bulb will start glowing.


Thus, by using a simple circuit of bulb and cells we can understand the concept of conductors and insulators through a hands-on experience.