We are amazed by huge buildings with fantastic architectural designs, aren’t we? These buildings are made of brick and mortar. Similarly, an electronic circuit may appear complicated and may be capable of doing amazing things. However complicated a circuit may be, it contains a handful of few basic components. The count of components in an electronic circuit may run into thousands, yet each of the components will be one of the few basic types.

The components used in electronic circuits may be divided into 2 categories: passive components and active components.


Passive Components by themselves are not capable of processing an electrical signal.

  • They do not require electrical power to operate.
  • However, without the help of these components, active components can’t be made to process electrical signals.

Active Components are the main action masters of an electronic circuit.

  • They can increase the power of electrical signal.
  • They operate only when provided with source of power.
  • They are dynamic components, which make things happen with the help of passive components.

Component Symbols

In a circuit diagram, these components are represented by symbols. Each component has a specific standard symbol which is used internationally. This is an easy way to draw a circuit diagram and make things clear.