Electrical energy plays vital role in functioning of our body.

Human body is a good conductor of electricity. Human body constitutes 70% of water.

Our heart works on electricity. The Sino-atrial node in the heart sends out electrical signals. The electrical activity of our heart is detected using an Electro Cardiogram (ECG).

Our  brain transmits electrical signals to various parts of our body, so that we can talk, see, feel & hear.

Human body is a good conductor, which is why we get an electrical shock. In case someone touches a live wire, the electrical circuit  get completed through his body as he becomes part of the circuit. Electric Shock affects all the systems of the body. It can cause severe burns on our skin. The body may get paralysed depending on intensity of shock.

Electricity in Nature

Electricity and Electronics are not  man made but are widely found in nature. Few examples can be seen here.

Electricity loves the earth, It always finds the easiest way to the ground. If we get in the way, we will get a shock.

A Spark from the electric pole carries around 1000 V.

Lightning is billions of electrons jumping from one place to another.

Lightning measures about 3 million volt and occurs in less than a fraction of a second.

One of the acquatic animal electric Eel produces large amount of electricity, enough to even kill a human being.

We can produce electricity from sunlight, wind, water and even  animal dung.