• An Integrated circuit is also called IC, Microchip or Silicon chip. IC is basically a packaging of complex electronic circuits containing millions of components such as Resistor, Transistors and Capacitors etc. These electronic circuits are etched on a piece of specially designed silicon using a special technique called photolithography.
  • The journey from an old age room size computer to much smaller laptops is made possible by discovery of IC. If not for IC, we would have computers in a tangled mess of wires.
  • Integrated circuits have made technology a part of life of every common man. The world has come closer due to IC. With the advent of smartphones and other gadgets, people have become more interactive. The digital technology has helped in transforming lives. This all has been made possible by one little discovery of ICs. ICs have been pivotal in bringing a sea change in the world of communication in general and in life at large.
  • IC has miniaturized complex electronic circuits assembled to perform particular functions.
  • The main advantages of using IC over discreet components are :

It reduces the size of the gadget, it is compact.

IC has high performance since the components switch quickly and consume very little power.

Each IC is designed to perform a specific function, e.g., the IC designed for a calculator, same IC is                      used in all the calculators. Therefore an IC is widely usable.

  • Every IC has a datasheet specifying its input and output pins, voltage required and function of the particular pin.
  • The IC chip is very fragile, for protection it is surrounded by tough plastic packaging. The electrical contact with the chip is provided through metal legs sticking out of the package.
  • IC can be packed in various forms such as DIP (Dual in line package), PLCC (Plastic leaded chip carrier), TSOP (Thin small outline package), etc.
  • DIP is the most common through hole IC package. These chips have two parallel rows of pins extending perpendicularly out of rectangular, black plastic housing.

Trivia :  Do you know the Nobel prize for physics for the year 2000 was awarded for invention of IC.

DIP Packaging          earlier-computer

DIP Packaging                         Earlier computer