We learnt about the importance of soldering in electronics in previous blog. Here, we are going to know about other material essential for soldering.  Apart from soldering iron, other things needed for soldering are solder wire and flux.

Solder wire : Most common type of solder wire used in electronics work is an alloy consisting of 60% tin and 40% lead.Its melting temperature is 375 degrees F and it solidifies as it cools. This alloy is available in wire form in several gauges. Thinner gauges are preferred over thicker ones. For general use,18 gauge solder wire is a good choice.

Flux : To aid the soldering process, another substance known as flux is used. Flux removes the oxide film from the surface of metals to be soldered. It forms a protective layer that prevents reoxidation. Flux gets rid of oxidation and helps clean the surface.

Nowadays, solder wire contains flux in its centre core. Flux has a lower melting point then that of solder wire. It eliminates the need for seperate flux.

So soldering iron, wire and flux are crucial components needed for soldering. In next blog we will learn to put this equipment in practical use.

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