For making any gadget in electronics, few components are to be joined in a particular way. This sequence or manner of connection is called a circuit. A Circuit is like a recipe for a dish wherein you procure ingredients of particular specifications which have to be joined in a certain way.

Most of the times, these components are mounted on PCB or we can say circuits are assembled on PCB (printed circuit board).

The joining of different components involves soldering. For making a circuit or for removal or replacement of electronic components in a circuit, a good soldering practice is very essential.

Soldering is a simple and inexpensive skill.It is basically an alloying process between two metals. It ensures metal continuity. The electronic components are metallic. In soldering, some part of the metal lead dissolves and makes a solid connection.

To facilitate soldering, most important tool is soldering iron. The main parts of soldering iron are handle, element and bit. The element of soldering iron is just like that of electric heater. When electricity passes through the element, it generates heat.  The bit of iron gets heat through the element and transfers the heat to the joint to be soldered.