Here are some most amazing and exciting tools.

Soldering Iron : It is a hand tool used for soldering the components. It is an electrical instrument used for making good joints. Like the element of the heater or Electric press, there is an element part which gets heated on connecting the iron to 220V mains supply. Bit of the iron gets heated to melt the solder wire. It flows between the component and PCB to join the lead of the component to the board.

Solder wire : It is a fusible metal alloy used to solder the components with the PCB. It gives electrical and mechanical joint to the component. It is an alloy of tin and lead in different proportions. The thickness of wire is measured in SWG (standard wire gauge).

Flux / Solder paste: Flux or paste is applied before soldering a joint. It is used as a cleaning, flowing and purifying agent. It is used to remove the traces of water vapours or moisture present on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) before soldering. It is used to make soldering smooth and uniform.

Iron Stand : It is used to hold soldering iron.To be the winner in making circuits :

Ensure that the tools are used only for their intended purpose.

Keep them lubricated with oil for rust free functioning.

Keep the tools clean and sharp.

Keep the soldering tips clean and well trimmed.