In the previous blog we learnt about a simple circuit. We connected 2 cells with a bulb/LED and the bulb glowed.


A Simple Circuit

What if we have to turn off the bulb? We will have to remove one of the cell or one of the wire. We could also remove the bulb from the socket. Uff! This is very cumbersome.




Here comes the SWITCH.


Switches are a safe way by which we can turn off the bulb without engaging in any tedious process. They give us control to the circuit. We can make or break a circuit using a switch. When the switch is turned on, the circuit gets complete and the bulb glows. When the switch is turned off, the path of current is broken and the bulb does not glow.


ON Switch


OFF Switch

Switches are used practically everywhere in our day to day lives. Gadgets that use electricity have switches to control their functioning. For example:  television, Refrigerator etc. The keys in calculator, computer, keyboard etc. are just switches. A switch makes our life more efficient and safe.