Electronics is a very hands-on vocation, wherein you learn by experimenting. For experimenting, we need tools. A technician is only as good as the tools which he works with.

Basic tools needed for electronics are inexpensive and are easily available. One should have proper knowledge of using them for electronic construction.

Electronics tools can be classified as hand tools and soldering tools. Basic essential hand tools for electronic tool kit are:

Cutting plier : It is used when a component is soldered and the remaining lead of the component is to be cut/trimmed. It has blade on one side so that remaining part of the component can be easily chopped off. It can be used for cutting wires.

Nose Plier : It is used to hold the component’s lead, wire in small space. It is used to hold the nuts while we tighten or open them. It is also used for bending the leads of the components. It works like extended finger to grip things at narrow places. Nose pliers are also available with a built-in wire cutter. Such pliers are called combination pliers.

Tweezer: It is used for handling small components and wires while soldering . It is also used for handling and extracting IC from the IC base. It can be used to grip the components while soldering, so that extra heat is dissipated through it.

Wire Stripper: It is used to strip off wire insulation from conducting wire so that it can be connected to another component or soldered into PCB.

Screw Driver: It is used to tighten the big and small screws. It has insulated grip and is available in different sizes.

Line Tester: This is used to test the line or phase wire. Basically, it checks the presence of voltage in line.

File: It is used to smoothen and clean the surface of soldering iron. It is also used to remove dust particles from the leads of the components.

Connecting wire: Although it is not a tool but is an essential part of the tool kit. It is used to make electrical connection between any two points of the circuit.

Tools are no substitute for knowledge but lacking key items or using improper ones can put severe limitations to your activities.

We will discuss soldering tools in next blog. Stay tuned.