Electricity is a very versatile and potent form of energy but is dangerous, if not used properly. Most of the accidents occur due to carelessness or lack of awareness of some basic rules that should always be observed when using electricity. To get everything to work, you must be careful, methodical and patient.

Here are a few tips:

  • Always use proper tool for a job. For example, never use wire cutter instead of a plier or screw driver instead of a filer.
  • Maintenance of tools is very necessary for quality work.
  • Proper earthing is must for every electrical equipment.
  • Insulation is a must for handling electrical gadgets. Always use insulated tools while working on electric tools.
  • Never touch a naked wire which has chance of being LIVE. Whenever there is an open joint, insulate it with an insulating tape.
  • Never wear loose or wet clothes while working on electrical circuits.
  • Remove the plug from a socket by pulling it from the grip of plug; never pull it from flexible wire.
  • You should have proper knowledge about the tool, component or equipment you are handling. Always follow the teacher’s instructions very carefully.
  • Concentrate on your work, It will reduce the chances of error. Never try to hurry things in Electronics.
  • Co-ordinate your head, hand and eyes during your work. Never indulge in a mischief while working and never disturb others.

Be safe and enjoy the electronics adventure.

First Aid Steps in case of a shock

In case of an electric shock, follow these first aid steps for early recovery:

  • Do not panic, shouting will not help.
  • Turn off the mains.
  • Do not touch : our body conducts electricity, stay two-three feet away. Never use bare hands to drag the injured person.
  • Protect yourself: Put on footwear, call for help.
  • Have the injured person lay on his back with legs slightly raised and cover him with a blanket. Check his breathing and apply cardio-pulmonary resuscitation if required. In case of burn, cool the affected area with water. Do not apply ice, ointment or dressing on the burnt area.